Personal Shopping

Don’t love shopping?? Don’t worry, we do!

We can shop for something as big as a new wardrobe, or as small as a single outfit.


Email us or comment below


  1. Beth

    Hello my loves! I need you to help a sister out! I either have dressy clothes or lulu and hate going shopping. I know… crazy right! I need every day casual clothes for the summer… casual run around tops, a pair of shorts or two and maybe some cute tops I might wear to lunch when I actually get dressed. I feel like I have dressy covered but if you see something I could make casual during the day and maybe dress up for dinner, I’m great with that too. Oh… I don’t iron very often or…. ever actually but I’ve perfected the throw in the dryer to get the wrinkles out technique. Get on it! 😘


  2. Hi Charlene! Thanks for your inquiry! Since its just a few items, we could just charge a flat fee (based on the items purchased) instead of our normal hourly fee. Let us know if you have any more questions. we can’t wait to talk more with you!
    Heather & Ashley


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