Amazon Beauty Roundup

♠♣We are ALWAYS on the hunt for beauty products to make us look and feel our best. Today we wanted to share some of our tried and true everyday products with you!! For us, Amazon is one of the best places to purchase items we use over and over. We literally put everything we can on subscribe/save so we don’t even have to think about it! Please ask us any questions you may have about these products or give us feedback if you try something!

♣ Eyelash Serum

I started using this after noticing a friends eyelashes had seemed to double after a few weeks. I’ve been using for 2 weeks now, and can already tell a difference!!

Sugar Lips (rose)

Our ALL time favorite lip treatment!! Literally feels like butter going on your lips, and the color options are endless!

Sugar Lips (sheer pink)

Another great color

Self Tanner 

Basically, we use this stuff on the regular! Especially in the winter, when your skin needs a little pick me up.

Tanning Mitt

A must have for applying tanner

CE Ferulic Acid

This one is definitely a splurge… But $ well spent, for sure. It is the best Vitamin C on the market. Especially in the summer, when you need all the protection from the sun you can get. Apply for daytime after washing and before moisturiser.

Vitamin C Serum

Here is is less expensive version of Vitamin C serum. Apply for daytime, after washing and before moisturiser.


This face wash has been both of our go-to nighttime washes for years now. The glycolic acid makes our skin GLOW by removing the dead cells. Recommended by our dermatologist. You put it on a dry face, and let it set a minute until you feel the tingle. Then wash off with warm water.

Face/Body Lotion

This is a great lightweight do it all lotion. Face, body, kids…

Hair Defense

On days you’ll  be in the sun or using a lot of heat products on your hair, this is a great product to protect your locks.

Facial Spray

I cannot get enough of this spray– such a refreshing mist for after the gym. I can’t decide if I like it more in the winter to refresh my dry skin, or in the summer as a cooling effect by the pool. Either way, I addicted.. and the scents are the BEST!

Rose Hips Nourshing Oil

Love this moisturising facial oil. Its great for dry skin! I apply 4-5 drops at night after my night cream

Tinted Sunscreen

Another one that our derm recommended. Can be used in place of your moisturiser. We love the tint especially by the pool when your makeup melts off. 😉

Jo Malone Perfume

Oh. My. Gah. How we love this scent!! Its so clean and crisp, light and airy. Seriously obsessed!

Hair Ties

Favorite hair ties ever!

Vanity Mirror

I have a love/hate relationship with a vanity mirror. Yeah, yeah its helpful when applying makeup or tweezing , but boy can it make you feel old. Ha!



Hot Air Brush/Volumizer

Jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Its like a blowout every time!

Hair Straightener

One of my favorite straighteners!

Curling iron

Sensing a Babybliss theme?! when you find something you like you stick with it!

Makeup Organizer

Guaranteed  to make you feel like your adulting. I used to just throw my makeup in a drawer, but loving how organized everything is now.. I also feel like everything is cleaner in this, no more makeup crumbles all over!

And for those of you asking about outfit deets….

Chartreuse Sweater




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