Anyone else get overwhelmed when shopping for denim?! Let us help navigate through jeans we like for certain body types to help you pick the perfect pair for you! Our first stop was Madewell! Did you know they will give you $20 off your denim if you bring in an old pair of jeans?! Us either. 🤷🏽‍♀️That being said, we scooped up some old jeans and headed in. There were at least 20 different types of jeans to try on here. All rises, all sizes, all styles, and in regular, petite, and tall (even extra tall) The staff was so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with all of the merchandise! They even told us to size down for a better fit when they break in. And lord knows we want to avoid the dreaded saggy bottom 😜😜

What we tried …

10” high rise skinny……these I tried in the button front which I loved! It gives you a Different look when u front tuck your tops and super flattering bc it accentuates your waist. I sized down because they stretch and are recommended not to be washed but every ten washes😱 I know that sounds crazy but denim doesn’t have to be washed every time you wear them, not is it good for the fabric.


9” high rise skinny…..these are top rated so of course they were a must try….and I must say definitely a winner! Still very flattering in the waist but a bit more comfortable than the others……great wash options and this particular jean is available in petite which scores big with this shorty, no shortening needed 🙌 loved the raw hem on these and looked great with a flat and a heel!



Cali Demi-boot Jeans…..now these were completely out of my comfort zone and I was shocked when I actually liked the way they fit and looked! The color is lighter, the bottom is a wider leg and also a shorter frayed edge……loved it with the mule shoe and were extremely comfortable and surprisingly flattering on my shorter stature. I sized down in these as well. I love these for a more casual look and to switch up from all the dark distressed denim I usually go to!



10” high rise skinny jeans in Hayes wash. I was immediately drawn to these. I have been looking for a classic, dark skinny jean. No distress and no frills, and that’s just what this is. They made me feel sucked in while at the same time being super comfy…. The fabric was a little “starchy” in this jean so  if your into a more structured looking jean- these are for you!


“Tencel edition” in the 10” high rise skinny. I tried on these in a black lunar wash and fell in love! Exactly the same classic style, but softer and a little more stretch! I ended up ordering this jean in a petite dark wash , and I cannot wait until they get here!!! These jeans will be my go to pair when I want to wear a heel, but also look great with a boot, flat or sneaker.



I’d say if you go here to shop definitely begin 1-2 sizes lower than normal and don’t forget to bring in an old pair of jeans!! Talk to them about how to care for your jeans too to keep them in tip top shape!

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